How to Build A Sustainable And Comfy Wardrobe

How to Build A Sustainable And Comfy Wardrobe

It’s tempting to shop for the latest trends and fashion clothing recently worn by celebrities and artists. Everyone wants to stay updated about what clothes are in, and every season, they purchase a new dress, shirt, trousers, shoes, or any new addition to their wardrobe.

It’s just a matter of time before you realize that your wardrobe has already been cluttered with many garments. By the time you want to de-clutter and get rid of them, they could potentially harm the landfills.

Sure, there are some other sustainable ways to get rid of your items, but why would you bother doing so when you can restructure your wardrobe in the first place? If you want to revamp your closet and make it more sustainable yet comfortable, there are many effective ways.

Check out the following viable ideas to have a more sustainable wardrobe:

Go For Clothing Pieces from Ethical Brands

T-shirt made of 100% and hundred percent organic materials. for your wardrobe

Several polluting industries in the world are in the fashion industry. Shopping for sustainable and ethical brands can positively affect the planet and the people living on it. For instance, when you shop for underwear, it’s best to go for bamboo boyleg underwear, as you’ll be assured that the materials are sourced ethically.

In addition to using durable materials, sustainable brands are kind to the environment. The reality about many clothes today is that they’re not made to last. This is because some clothing manufacturers want you to continue buying clothes for their business to generate more revenue.

However, you can reduce the amount of clothing you purchase and your waste by choosing sustainable brands. Thus, if you want a sustainable wardrobe, invest in quality compared to quantity.

The fast fashion industry leaves behind a sizeable environmental footprint. Each garment can be created by wasting many natural resources, and some brands use harmful chemicals, dyes, and solvents that cause air or water pollution.

When assessing a brand’s manufacturing procedure, ensure that the processes and sourcing of materials are eco-friendly and not just their overall product. Go for brands that go above and beyond to save the environment. They might typically cost more, but you can rest easy knowing that the clothing company did not abuse the environment during the garment production.

Consider Pre-loved Items for Your Wardrobe

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Sustainable clothing costs more than mass-produced garments. This is because sustainable companies are putting effort into producing a piece of clothing that will last a lifetime, taking every step of the process—from raw materials to the consumers.

Aside from this, another cost-effective strategy to make your closet more sustainable is to shop for pre-loved or used items, in which you don’t have to break the bank. When you have the talent to go thrift shopping and visit pre-loved stores, you’ll definitely spot great finds with excellent quality that will last many years.

There are many ways to go secondhand shopping, which is the best part. You can buy from online stores, communicate with a friend or colleague selling some pre-loved stuff, or simply visit thrift or vintage shops. Instead of throwing away clothes, you can help someone save the environment and save yourself from burning cash to purchase brand new expensive items.

When building a sustainable closet, secondhand clothing is an excellent option. Whether you want to purchase luxury brands or unbranded items, there are so many varieties of pre-loved items to choose from. Check out different pre-loved selling platforms, and you’ll be able to find the ones you’ve always wanted.

Plan What You Need To Buy And Avoid Impulse Buying

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When you realize that you’re short of some clothes or accessories, it’s best to create a shopping list. You can sequence the list depending on which ones are badly needed. Prioritize those that need to be replaced because they’ve already been damaged, so you don’t have any spare.

Planning your shopping will allow you to prioritize sustainable items compared to pretty ones that only please your eyes but will make you feel guilty in the long run.

A lack of planning can lead to poor choices, making you feel burdened with your purchase. The best shopping experience is when you prioritize sustainability and comfort.

Research Your Dream Wardrobe Ahead

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Just like planning, research can support your shopping experience and save you time and energy. Make certain brands you select are ethically sourced, made, and made of sustainable materials to fill your wardrobe’s gaps.

Search for companies that disclose their production processes. If they’re transparent with their components and procedures, this means they’re not hiding anything shameful. As well as find out which companies hold their suppliers accountable to high environmental standards and show commitment to protecting workers and the planet.

Go for a brand that is responsible for all aspects of its business. Additionally, check if a brand uses organic or recycled fabrics. Consider paying a few more bucks if the company’s procedures are more ethical than commercial companies. Perhaps their prices are higher because of sustainable methods, impacting overall production costs.

Versatile Clothing Pieces for Your Wardrobe

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Versatile shoppers are more likely to shop sustainably. Don’t stock five colors for one garment. Invest in variety but go for versatile items to be used and worn. Try to pick pieces that can be styled in multiple ways throughout the year.

A capsule wardrobe is a perfect example of shopping for versatility.  It would be best if you had essential clothing pieces like denim jeans, trousers, a white button-down shirt, T-shirts, white sneakers, a jacket, and a little black dress.

These basic pieces can be worn in different ways and combined with other accessories and garments to create fresh looks.  Capsule wardrobes are typically minimal in volume, so it’s all about having versatile clothes.

You should be able to apply the same concept to your sustainable wardrobe. When shopping for a clothing item, think ahead of the multiple ways that you can recreate a look for it.

Fix or Mend Your Existing Clothes


You can also have a sustainable wardrobe by making your clothes last for many years. Today’s fashion industry encourages you to shop for more items, which implies that if your clothes rip even a little, you can easily throw them away because shopping for new clothes can be as easy as ABC.

However, it would help to think twice before disposing of any clothes. To make them more sustainable, you should learn how to fix and mend the fabric to make it last for more years. Unstitched clothes or clothes that lose a button can be repaired easily.

Try to learn some basic sewing skills, and you can take care of your wardrobe pieces more effectively. Some pieces can be repurposed, restyled, or dyed to develop different outfit ideas. You shouldn’t result in getting rid of clothes just because they have minimal imperfections or damage.


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Use this guide to build a sustainable wardrobe. There’s no need for you to feel overwhelmed when considering the tips pointed out above. Depending on your style, personality, and preferences, there are many avenues and platforms to sustainable source clothing that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Remember that a sustainable and comfortable wardrobe can be achieved early when planning and researching.

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