You Should Thank These House Animals Instead Of Getting Rid Of Them

You Should Thank These House Animals Instead Of Getting Rid Of Them

Are you an animal lover? Then with this article, we are showing you more animals to love. In fact, these animals living in (or around) your house deserve to be loved even though some people don’t feel comfortable of their presence in the house.

Not because of their cuteness or their lovely appearance, but the reason why we should love because they are actually useful for us. Even their presence around our house can help us avoid bigger threats that we don’t realize.

Some of these animals are considered dangerous, and some are considered disgusting. However, we should learn to love animals not merely based on their appearance. The best option, and the win-win solution, is to let them exist.

What are those animals, and why we should love them? How can those animals don’t receive enough love from us?


Centipede by A.Davey
Centipede by A.Davey

There is nothing more terrifying than looking on a centipede crawling in your house. With their millions little legs moving in a ‘terrorizing’ rhythm, maybe the first thing we can do is screaming in a deep voice.

We also know that this creature is somewhat venomous. When you get stung by a centipede, it will cause pain and swelling in the area for adults. While for children, this sting poses greater risk, especially to those who develop allergic reaction.

But when you see a centipede crawling in your house, killing them on the spot might not be the best thing to do. For your information, centipedes are really good in controlling pests in your home in the cheapest way possible.

Centipedes are natural predator for house pests like cockroaches, moths, flies, silverfish, and termites. Their presence alone is a horrifying thing for those pests, since centipedes are known for its ruthless nature and how they are actively seeking for preys.

So, next time you see a centipede roaming in your house, you might not want to kill it. Just relocate them in safe spots in your house away from you and your kids, or spots where you often discover the pests.

Just one centipede can bring significant differences in your house. In addition, centipedes don’t leave any ‘marks’ to your house, they don’t eat woods and leave webs. You should just be careful to keep them away from yourself, and closer to the pests.


Spider by larsjuh
Spider by larsjuh

For those who have arachnophobia, the presence of spider in their home might be the worst thing possible. However, you should know that spiders can benefit you a lot, and we don’t talk about how spiders can spin golden web.

Just like centipede, spiders are specialized pest hunters. However, unlike centipedes, spiders are made to hunt down flying pests. This is the natural ability of spiders, since they usually live in webs hanging in higher place.

In tropical countries like Indonesia, Brazil, and India, harmless spiders are let alone in peace. The reason is because flying pests such as mosquitoes and flies can bring diseases like dengue fever, diarrhea, and malaria.

Avoiding those diseases might be ten times better than getting rid of those creepy spiders in your home. The only thing to note is to only allow dangerous spider species living in your house and to clean up the webs.

House Lizard

House lizards might also be terrifying for some who don’t like the appearance of the creature. The way they crawl on the wall and their ‘surprise’ drop can be highly upsetting for some people who hate lizards.

However, you should know that their presence is more terrifying for house pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects. With their size, which is bigger than spiders and centipedes, eating a few small insects will not satisfy their appetite.

Just as two animals mentioned above, house lizard is the natural predator for the pests. However, different from spiders and centipedes, house lizards are more versatile in hunting down the pests since they can climb up high on the wall and come down low to the floor.

Another benefit of letting house lizard living in your house is that you can control the presence. House lizards love warm and humid corners in your house, so by making some rooms in cooler temperature and drier condition, you can select which parts of your home they can visit.

And if you think that you have too much lizard in your house, like they are doing an infestation or some kind of that, there is one easy thing you can do to control it. Just release a cat and it will help you stop the infestation. In short, house lizards are versatile pest hunters that you can control easily.


Earthworm (Wikimedia Commons)

After talking about creatures living that might be living in your house, now let’s talk about the creature living outdoor, usually in your garden. This creature is the legless, slimy, crawling earthworms.

If you are a gardener, you might have already known the benefits that earthworms can give to us. But for some other people, the presence of earthworms is a creepy thing. Many people are disgusted by the appearance of this creature.

However, if you want to get rid of this creature, you should think more than twice. This creature is actually a very important creature in your garden. Why? Because earthworms are the most soil engineer in your garden.

Earthworms can improve nutrient availability by feeding on plant debris, their burrowing can improve soil drainage and structure, and overall will improve the productivity of the soil. A research conducted in New Zealand found that the presence of this creature alone can improve up to 80% in pasture growth and in longer term the land showed 25% increase.

If you see an earthworm crawling in your garden, just let them be because they are working on improving your garden. In fact, you are pretty lucky to have it, because many gardeners are actually expecting the presence of this creature.

All those creatures mentioned above may appear disgusting or creepy. But once you know how useful they are, you might want to change your mind.


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