The Benefits Of Sustainable Summer Dresses for Eco-friendly Style

The Benefits Of Sustainable Summer Dresses for Eco-friendly Style

Summer is here, and everything gets brighter including our dresses. But no matter how bright it is outside; we all know that there is something that will always bother our minds: the fate of this planet. Pile of trash accumulating in the landfill and microplastic pollution are two of the main concerns our lonely earth faces nowadays.

But don’t you know that living up the spirit of summer can also help this planet eases that burden? One of the easiest helps we can do is to wear sustainable summer dresses! Isn’t it fun to wear beautiful dresses that can help us save this planet?

But how can we determine whether or not our dresses are sustainable? What if it is not as good asa conventional dresses by the look? Sustainable summer dresses don’t scream that they are eco-friendly. They are not made of straw or old newspapers.

In other words, you won’t notice the difference when putting a sustainable dress on and can still go to all your usual places!  However, there are some benefits to sustainable dresses. Here we will talk further about this beautiful topic.

What Counts As Sustainable Dresses?

There are two main types of sustainable dresses:

1. Pre-owned

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A pre-owned dress has been owned by someone else and the fact that you are using it means the garment is getting a second chance. At the same time, you could be saving on buying an unethically produced dress.

Of course, you don’t just have to purchase a pre-owned dress. Take a look at what’s on offer with this specialist in dress hire, Melbourne. You’ll find some great options at attractive prices that help you save money and protect the environment.

The advantage of choosing this option is that you’ll have access to a huge array of dresses. That means you can wear a different dress for every special occasion without having to buy them all. In short, you can look fantastic and still be environmentally friendly.

2. Sustainably Made

Sustainable or eco-friendly dresses are made following sustainable guidelines. That means they are made from material that has been used before or the fabric is natural and has been made without damaging the environment.

For example, cotton is a natural material but conventionally fertilizers and pesticides are used to help the plant grow. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment.

Sustainable or eco-friendly cotton is organic and uses just natural processes. That means there is no harm to the planet.

In most cases, sustainable farming also means the farmers are taken care of properly. This isn’t always the case in conventional cotton farming where the wage paid can be extremely low.

Doing Your Bit

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The most obvious benefit of wearing sustainable summer dresses is that you are not damaging the planet. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase an eco-friendly dress or rent a pre-owned and used one.

Both approaches can leave you looking stunning but, you can feel good about yourself as you are doing your bit to help save the planet. Of course, this isn’t just about the planet, renting a dress allows you to get one that you couldn’t normally afford and look drop-dead gorgeous. The fact that you return it means you don’t have a dress you’ll never wear again and ends up in landfill.

Choosing The Right Fabric

You may be surprised by how many sustainable summer dresses are on the market, it can make it very easy to find one.

  • Linen

Linen is one of the best choices for summer as it is light and allows your body to breathe, perfect for a hot summer’s day. The fiber is plant-based and has been created naturally for thousands of years. It helps you feel at one with nature while looking fabulous.

  • Deadstock

Deadstock is old fabrics that have been returned and then repurposed. In effect, old clothing is processed, taken apart, and made into new. This is a great option when an item can no longer be used.

To choose sustainability you simply need to look at what the dress is made from and the policies of the manufacturer. You’ll quickly discover which designers have an eco-friendly range and you can choose them, or select a stunning pre-owned dress to rent.

  • Cotton

As mentioned above, sustainably produced cotton means that the farmers and the planet are looked after. Instead of damaging the crops, they are harvested sustainably. This is more time-consuming and reduces the amount of cotton left. That’s why sustainable cotton is more expensive than traditional cotton.

But, sometimes it is worth paying a little extra if it helps to save the planet. In addition to that, it is worth noting that cotton can also be recycled and reused in new clothes.

  • Tencel

Tencel is a fabric made from wood pulp. It is very light but durable. In fact, it is better at absorbing water than cotton and requires less energy and water to manufacture than cotton does.

Providing it has been manufactured from the pulp of dead trees or new ones have been planted, the impact on the environment is minimal. Making this a great choice for your next clothing choice.

Sustainable Dresses: Final Thoughts 

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If you are looking for sustainable dresses then the above tips will help you. But, remember the basic principle, if you are not harming the environment then you are acting sustainably. It is that easy to be sustainable, isn’t it?

What we really need to make things happen first is knowledge, and luckily, we can now find information about sustainable living easily on the internet. The choice is ours, and whether or not we want to make things happen.

In addition to that, the greater the number of people that adhere to this principle the easier it is to save the planet and the more pressure there will be on traditional manufacturers. In effect, you can force them to become sustainable.

Change the planet starting from changing your lifestyle, then let others follow your step into sustainability. Be the change you want to happen.

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