7 Eco-Friendly Swap That Would Make Your Life Even Better

7 Eco-Friendly Swap That Would Make Your Life Even Better

Many people still think that swapping to the eco-friendly options is like changing religion. They still think that it is almost impossible to do because either the option is viewed as peculiar or the other option is not as available as what they regularly use.

However, these 7 easy swaps will make you understand that swapping for eco friendlier option is not that difficult. Not only these products are available online, but also because many of them are not that peculiar to use.

Still don’t believe that? Try to see how these 7 easy swaps may make you fall in love with the eco friendlier products.

Swapping into Makeup Erasing Cloth

eco friendly swap into makeup cleaning cloth

What do you usually use to clean up your face after a long day? Many of you may still answer it with face cleaner products that needs cottons to be applied. This makeup erasing cloth is the eco friendlier option to that.

Better, it doesn’t need any additional product to clean your face from even heavy makeups. You just need to dip it into water and apply on your face like what you usually do when cleaning makeups using facial cottons.

And as we said that it is an ecofriendly option, we can use it again and again. It means one single purchase can last up to three, or even five years! Imagine how much face cotton you can avoid to use with just swapping into makeup erasing cloth?

Swedish Dishcloth instead of Paper Towel

eco friendly swap into swedish dishcloth

This is another cloth product that can help us avoid overconsumption of a product, which in this case is paper towel. Swedish dishcloth is a good alternative to paper towel because it doesn’t only absorb liquid as good as paper towel, but also because it can be reused.

One single Swedish dishcloth is said to be able to replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels, and absorb up to 20 times its weight. Moreover, Swedish dishcloth is also more hygienic compared to kitchen sponges we usually use to wash dishes.

One Swedish dishcloth can last between 6 to 9 months, and if it gets dirty between each use, we can just wash it in washing machine or the top rack of dishwasher. While if it is just wet and not too dirty, we can just squeeze it to remove excess water before airdrying it.

Swapping Regular Detergent with Detergent Sheet

detergent sheet

Talking about laundering, what comes to our minds must be about detergent. The thing about detergent is, most of them come in not ecofriendly packages, such as plastic sachet or plastic bottle that we have not idea what to do with next.

Then comes the alternative for that regular detergent, which comes in small paper packaging as small as a notebook. The alternative is detergent sheet, which appears like folded paper towel but has the ability to wash your clothes as good as conventional detergents.

“A laundry detergent sheet is a solid format detergent that allows for minimal waste, usually packaged in recyclable paperboard,” said Angela Bell, Lead Guide of Grove Co that produces detergent sheets. The sheets are perfectly pre-measured so that we don’t need to use measuring cups anymore and just throw one of them directly into washing machine to clean exact amount of clothes.

Packable Cutlery

reusable cutlery

This might have existed for loooooong and promoted in almost every single website promoting green living. But don’t you know that indeed packable cutlery is one of the most effective ways to tackle plastic consumption?

Plastic cutlery is hated by many because it is not only littering our environment but also it may cause many marine animals to suffer. In this case, suffering alive is the other option to being killed but the plastic cutlery.

Broken shards of plastic cutlery are sharp, and may stab or scratch wild animals who are not aware of their presence. This thing gets even more serious when it happens in the ocean where most of our plastic cutlery are currently. So, why risk the bad things to happen when the replacement is better?

Swapping Single Use Menstrual Pad to Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup

Swapping single use menstrual pads with menstrual cups will save the world from a lot of plastic waste. Data recorded, in United States alone, about 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are discarded annually.

Many people still fear the use of menstrual cup due to the thought of having to place it up there, with the risk of breaking the seal. Actually, that’s pretty common thought among women, as most of women don’t want to risk their private parts’ safety for just something ‘greener’.

However, most menstrual cups are actually designed to be as hygienic and strong as possible while still keeping it as flexible to match your body as possible. Moreover, the hygiene of the cup depends on the user. The cup is still more hygienic than tampons and requires lower maintenance than menstrual pads, though.

Washable Period Underwear

washable period underwear

Another eco-friendly thing that you can wear to replace the single use tampons and pads is washable period underwear. This one is more natural than those mentioned above in the feel, even though the absorption is not as good as some other products mentioned.

The most important thing is, it is eco-friendly, reusable, and can also be used anytime you want to, instead of just being used once or twice in a month. Now we have more option to break our regular consumption of single use tampons and pads, right?

Safety Razor is Always in the List

safety razor as eco friendly swap

Another item that you might see often in this kind of list is safety razor, right? Well, that’s relational because one safety razor can replace tons of single use cheap plastic razors with much more convenience to use.

It is cheaper to maintain a safety razor than buying new cheap plastic razor each time we want to shave, because what we need is just to get the blade. The cost of the blade is far cheaper than one plastic razor, right?

Moreover, it doesn’t contain plastic, which is the main enemy that we want to eliminate. Buying a safety razor is an investment that might seem a little bit more expensive at the start, but as time goes by the price will pay off.

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