Eco-friendly Crystals: Sustainable Healing Stones For Your Good Energy

Eco-friendly Crystals: Sustainable Healing Stones For Your Good Energy

Lately, the wellness industry has been flooded with the use of crystals in order to cleanse your body and soul. However, not all crystals are created equal, and you can never actually really know if they do what they are said to do without doing more research. Many stores will try to sell you all kinds of healing crystals, but your own research and some knowledge is needed to know what you’re buying.


Another important aspect is if they are eco-friendly or if they do more harm than good. Most healing crystals are claimed to be from trusted sources, but they all come from mines – which are not all created equal. So, before purchasing healing crystals, do your own research on where they come from.


What is great about the healing crystal industry is that there are many smaller family-owned mines that are digging up the crystals and distributing them further. In such mines, no illegal labor is used, everything is ethical and you can trust those sources of healing crystals and actually support local businesses.


Ask Questions at the Crystals Shop


Crystal Cave, Naica by Alexander Van Driessche
Crystal Cave, Naica by Alexander Van Driessche


When shopping for your crystals, make sure to ask the seller or the owner where the crystals have come from. Those who do their best to keep their products eco-friendly and cruelty-free will be happy to tell you from which mines the crystals have come from, what are their benefits.


Also ask them how the crystals were polished, made into jewelry, etc. Knowing the how it was processed is as important as knowing how it was mined. Just like how some highly processed foods have higher carbon footprints, so do crystals.


However, if the seller or owner doesn’t know anything about them, you might have to think twice. There is a chance that they do not wish to disclose the information, with a probability that the sources are a bit murky.


Quality over Quantity


crystals 2


Just like anything else when it comes to being green and sustainable, here too you should prioritize quality over quantity. If you are on the hunt for healing crystals, besides asking about them, you should ask yourself if you really do need 10 of each if you can get the same effect from just one good crystal.


Think about their purpose. If you need some relaxing crystals, get one that will help you with that, instead of one of each for the same purpose. Also, you should always go for the best crystal for the purpose, so whenever you need a crystal for water purification, you should opt for elite shungite, for example, which you can find here.


Again, just like foods, you should consider to get the ones with high nutrients instead of just giving you a bloating tummy in the end. If you don’t plan on putting each of 10 crystals all over your place for your own convenience, you might want to just get one with a good quality that will give the same amount of energy.


Look for Trusted Sources



In connection with asking the shop owner where the crystals come from, if they come from a family-owned mine, then it is probably okay to buy those. Why? Well, most crystals come from poor countries where people work in extremely troubling and life-threatening conditions. On the other hand, if the crystal you wish to buy does not come from such mines, your conscience can rest.


For example, rose quartz is probably one of the most sustainable crystals to buy. It can form almost anywhere in the world where water and steam carry those mineral particles into the earth’s fractures. This rule goes for any other common crystal and variation of quartz. Plus, their healing benefits are believed to be vast. Rose quartz, for example, is believed to bring love, self-love and it opens your heart to all those positive feelings and healing.


So, if you want to buy any of the more common ones, look for trusted sources, because there are dozens of private mines that are owned by families who treat all their workers right. Plus, you can be sure that the polishing process is also safe and that you are only getting the best quality product. And, they are sustainable, safe to use, and support the local economy.


Sustainable Crystals You Can Rely On


From time to time, we all need a bit more support from our earth and we choose to do it through crystals. But, as already said, this industry can be a tricky one, and you should be aware of what you’re buying. Nevertheless, there are crystals you shouldn’t worry about, including:


  • Rose quartz – opens your heart and promotes love, self-love, and emotional healing.
  • Shungite – water purification, EMF protection, relaxation, and grounding benefits.
  • Auralite 23 – stress reduction, feeling of hope, and relaxation.
  • Calcite – energy amplifier, health benefits, and great for decorating rooms.
  • Fluorite – reduces stress, boosts mood.
  • Himalayan quartz – healing and personal development


The healing crystals industry has gained in popularity in the past five years. No one expected this to happen, but more and more people seek help from healing crystals. They used them from personal healing and energy purification to decorating their homes in order to attract good energy and get rid of the bad ones.


However, if you love crystals but you also love your own planet, you should be careful when buying them. We all know that they simply don’t grow on trees and that there is an extensive and even dangerous way to get the crystals out of the earth.


crystal healing


The best thing you can do is to educate yourself on where these crystals come from, the ones you wish to buy for your own healing. There are environmentally friendly mines that are owned by regular people, instead of big corporations and who get those crystals in the least dangerous way possible.


So, do your research, ask around, and shop responsibly. Always remember that your efforts will always be worth it. Good luck on finding the best ones for you.

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