Bored With Your Clothes Already? Here’s 10 Ways to Recycle Them

Bored With Your Clothes Already? Here’s 10 Ways to Recycle Them

Do you think your clothes are outdated and boring? Or they’re just so old and worn that you don’t think you can use it anymore? Don’t throw it away and let it go to waste, recycle them into something new with good quality! Here’s how you can recycle them.

1. Headband from t-shirt


T-shirts are so versatile that you can recycle almost anything from it. In this case, old t-shirts can be turned into fancy and pretty headbands that you and kids can wear. You can make it into flowers, if you’re the sewing type. But if you like the far easier method, you have to try this one.

You’ll only need your old t-shirt, a glue gun (easier method, see?), fabric scissors, and a cutting mat (or a ruler if you don’t have it). You just need to do some cutting, stretching, knots or braids, gluing, and bam. You just got yourself a very comfortable headband.

2. Rag rug


Got one or two t-shirts that you don’t use anymore? Upcycle them into a soft, absorbent rug. You can use the rug in your bathroom, front door, bedroom, workroom (if your feet sweat a lot). You can also give them as a sincerely-handmade, DIY gift for housewarming parties.

So basically, you cut your t-shirt into one-inch pieces of fabric, and tie them all in a rug mat that has holes in it. If you have one more t-shirt, then cut them again and double the amount of fabric on the rug mat. For cheater method, you can simply glue gun the fabrics one by one until they become rug-like.

3. Pet toy


Do your pets fit in “toy destroyer” category? Don’t bother to buy new ones when you can make them your own! You won’t need to waste money for toys that will only end up being shredded to pieces. Just take out your old t-shirt and get crafty.

You can make tug of war toy by cutting your t-shirts into 1 inch fabrics, stretch, and tightly braid the strands. You can also make a fetch toy by adding a bouncing ball at the end and leave the strands just the way they are. For cats, simply tie one or two strands into a long stick for play time.

4. Children’s jersey shorts


Buying kids’ clothing can be a bit of an issue because they grow quite quickly. When they do, you have to buy new clothes that can fit their bodies. The solution is, don’t buy them too many new clothes to begin with. Make them using your old clothing when possible.

You need to get your sewing kit for this one. Get your jersey and a pair of sample shorts. Fold your sample shorts in half and trace the shape on the jersey. Cut it according to the trace and sew. Don’t forget to add elastic waist so the shorts won’t fall down easily.

5. No-sew tote bags


We all know the feeling of having a very cool t-shirt that is no longer wearable anymore. The memories, the things we went through with it. It’s just so hard to let them go to waste. Well, guess what? You can make it into tote bags, without any sewing needed.

Simply cut the sleeves, cut the neckline area that comfortably fits your arms, and cut the bottom part according to how deep you want your bag to be. Then cut slits and tie the fringe into knots. Repeat the tying process to avoid gaps and your tote bag is ready!

6. Sweater pillow


You can turn your old sweaters into cute beanies, bags, or pouches. But sweaters make the best pillows (or pillow cases) because they’re soft, warm, and so comfortable to hold and lay your head on. Not to mention that they can be aesthetic complementary items to your furniture.

All you need to get is your old sweater, pillow of your favorite size, buttons, and some sewing kit. First, you need to cut the sweater into the pillow size you want. Then sew the sides, leaving one part open. Here, you can sew up the buttons so you can open the case easily. But if you prefer button-less, then simply sew all sides according to your taste.

7. Pet bed


You know, pets sometimes love the simplest things like beds from old t-shirts. The t-shirt bed will add special meaning to both you and your pets. You know that some pets like the scent of their owners, right? If they don’t, then you can make it from the dirty clothing that they usually like to sleep on. So, having this kind of bed will definitely make your pets happy.

It’s very easy to make too. Simply cut your old t-shirt into the shape that you want. Then, fill it with pillow, dacron, or other stuffing from old pillows/bed. To finish, you just need to sew them up. Oh, you can also make a tent too for cats, small dogs, and other pets of the same size. It’s fairly easy to make too (no sewing needed).

8. Produce bag


Why buy new, unsustainable produce bags when you can make your own? You can also make them cute so your time in the market will also be stylish (yet eco-friendly) in a way. The next time you’re buying veggies and fruits, be sure to bring your handmade, recycled produce bag.

Simply get your old t-shirts, cut to your desired shape, sew the bottom (double sewing is best and recommended), and make some holes in it. With just a little effort, you’re saving the earth, boosting your crafting skill, and get a stylish produce bag. If you want to make it fancier, you can also knit/crochet your t-shirt.

9. Blanket


Do you want to have anti-mainstream, hipster/indie, and meaningful blanket for yourself or for handmade gifts? Try making t-shirt blanket. Sorry for all no-sewing-method followers, because this one needs to have some sewing.

Get all old and memorable t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore. Then, cut them all into square or rectangle (you can also cut the blank part of the t-shirts as spaces). Find fleece fabric (or your old blanket) for the warming quality of your t-shirt blanket. The next thing you need to do is only sewing all of them neatly.

10. Alphabet plushies


If you have kids or babies’ clothing that are not worn anymore, you can make them into adorable, whimsical plushies. But plushies are generally hard to make. They require pattern, complicated sewing, and what not. Fortunately, there’s an easier (and no less cuter) alternative: alphabet plushies.

Seriously, these things are cute even for adults. I’d love to get alphabet plushies of my name that I can snuggle with. Mainly, what you need to do is cut the kids’ clothing, fill them with dacron or other plushies stuffing, and sew them shut.

When you feel like you don’t really have the time to do all this, no worries. You can give your old clothings to some brands that accept old clothes to be recycled such as H & M. What’s important is that you don’t add more waste and you do what you can to maintain sustainable life. Happy recycling!


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