What Job Can Directly Save The Environment? Here Are Some Of Them

What Job Can Directly Save The Environment? Here Are Some Of Them

There are two crucial times in our lives. First was when we were finding what we want to be when we are older, and second is when we have to actually decide what job we are going to do for living. Both of them are not easy choice to make.

Regarding the choices available, the pool of choices available when we were still young is far huger than at the latter stage. Let alone when we find our passion later, including our passion to protect the earth. In that stage, we might think, “Maybe having a job that can save the earth is the best thing”.

But what job can give us high ‘survivability’ rate while it can also help this planet in one go? Well, in fact, there are so many jobs that can do those things in one go. We provide a list of some jobs that fulfill the checklist, in case you are one of those who need it.



Climatologist is the first job that we will mention in this article. If you read a lot of environmental articles, you might run into this job like a lot. Climatologist is indeed the best source for information about climate, and things related to climate change.

But what does this job do, that’s related to saving the earth? Appearing in news articles about climate change is one. By having accurate and reliable information about climate change, you can inform more and more people about what actually happens to this planet.

Not only that, climatologists can also contribute to international climate discussion. Most notably is their right to be included in Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In addition to those things above, they are also paid well.

Mechanical Engineer Job

Redheffer machine
Redheffer machine

Wait, isn’t mechanical engineer a quite ‘common’ job? Maybe. But their potentials to become a savior of nature is too big to be ignored. As a mechanical engineer, your main job is to design something, and you are free to design anything you want.

If you add your mission to bring bitterness to this planet, you can basically design something that contributes to the problems we are facing nowadays. In example, you are free to design a machine that can convert carbon dioxide into everyday tools.

All you have to do is to learn more about environmental problems, sustainability, recycling, and other environmentally oriented problems that can be solved with creation of new machine. If your machine works well, you can even create a billion dollars start-up company.

Environmental Engineer

tree nature forest

The next job that is suitable for this list is environmental engineer. This job even has ‘environmental’ in it, meaning mostly that you will need to do is how to engineer with phenomenon occurring in the environment around you.

Things that you may deal with as environmental engineer are such as hazardous waste management, designing municipal water supply, solving problems in industrial wastewater treatment systems, researching environmental impacts of industrial projects, etc.

The best thing about this job is, you can build a good connection with local government and work together to develop regulations to prevent nature destruction. You can also work together with other engineers to address and directly solve environmental problems.


Ruthenium powder job
Ruthenium powder by Materialscientist Wikimedia Commons

Next on the list is geoscientist. This job requires you to study about the earth’s composition, structure, and its physical aspects. But what do those things have to do with saving the environment? There are some environmental problems that will require the work of geoscientist.

The main job for geoscientist is predicting and preventing geological disasters that will eventually affect the environment, following development of major projects. You will have huge impact to determine what to do and what not during that project, and you can base your decision on its environmental impacts.

The scope of work is also quite wide, starting from climate and global process modeling, energy policy, ocean sciences, also science is mining activities. All those big projects need geoscientists to examine the impacts of their project in global environmental systems.

Sustainability Consultant Job

job find people who call back or are very interested in your green startup or business

When you own a company, or a farm, or any other business, you might want to consider its environmental performance and also its sustainability. In this case, who’s the right person to consult to? The answer is sustainability consultant.

This job is responsible for helping business owners improve their business’ environmental performance and sustainability, not only just mentioning it to them. The process might include things you already know, such as measuring carbon footprints.

Their presence is highly sought after nowadays because more and more people realize that sustainable business model is the next step. This person usually works at software development firms, property management companies, agricultural consulting firms, and of course fossil fuel consulting firms.

Conservation Scientist

a poisoned griffone vulture which is native in Eurasia. Its conservation status is least concern for now, but if poisoning goes on, it's going to be endangered in no time. job

The last, but not least, in this list is conservation scientist. Maybe this one job is the most ‘famous’ one among others mentioned above, because their names often appear in environmental news articles especially when talking about plants and animals.

The reason why their names often appear in environmental news articles is because their close relationship to the nature itself. The main job for conservation scientist is to protect, manage, improve, and study about what’s living in nature.

For that reason, conservation scientist may regulate terms and conditions for activities related to the use of land and forests. In other words, they are able to let or prevent any activities done by companies, government, or individuals that might risk the nature.

Nature Journalist Job

solid waste dumping site. Photo by निकम प्रियंका दिलीप Wikimedia Commons

Well, this is an extra job to add on the list, because it doesn’t connect with nature directly. In this era of information, news about the planet can spread far more easily and rapidly. Who are responsible for the spread of the news? They are called nature journalists, including us who provide you this information.

This job might not seem as cool as those mentioned above. But here we are, presenting information to you and all other readers about the nature.

Nature journalist might not be able to invent cool devices or issue a regulation to protect nature. But we can give people good understanding about what happens to this planet, based on reliable sources that not many people have access to.






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