The UK’s 10 Point Plan: How You Business Can Go Green

The UK’s 10 Point Plan: How You Business Can Go Green

Green business is on the rise nowadays because of many factors. One of the factors is that switching to greener version of business gives at least these two benefits to the company: they may do things with cheaper price, and they can open new market for those who prefer greener products.

The UK’s 10-point plan aims to encourage a ‘green industrial revolution’. The plan will cost around £12 billion and is focussed on areas such as driving the girth of low-carbon hydrogen, greener buildings, delivering new and advanced nuclear power and green public transport, and much more.

This impressive green initiative comes after the realities of global warming have been realized across the globe, sparking new fear for the future of our planet. The 10-point plan is definitely a great step for the UK towards saving our planet.

So, how can your business help?

Encourage Employees To Take Greener Transport To Work

Taking public transportation is also safer for the Earth
Taking public transportation is also safer for the Earth

A large contributor to carbon emissions that are released into our atmosphere are cars and other motor vehicles. Not only do they release harmful substances into the air, but the fuel that is required to run them is obtained by burning fossil fuels which releases large amounts of chemicals.

You could lower your businesses carbon footprint by encouraging those who can to take greener modes of transportation to work to do so; this could involve walking or cycling. Even public transport is better for the environment than using cars because one bus can replace up to 100 cars on the road!

This means less carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere. It is clear that transport plays a huge role in the climate crisis and that we need to cut down our use of transport in order to create a greener future.

Source Your Resources Locally

local produce at a local market

Many businesses will purchase resources from overseas due to the cheap prices, but by doing this, we are adding to our carbon footprint and burning more fuel than is needed. This process has been one of the biggest contributors to carbon emission worldwide.

But have you tried to look around and see whether you are able to get the resources from nearby or not? In fact, the UK is host to many factories that will all be able to provide your business with whatever it is that you need.

You should consider replacing any overseas resources for ones made in the UK. Doing this will minimize the journey taken to transport the products which will result in less emissions being released overall.

Go Green With Your Power

solar power is one of many ways to be green

All businesses need electricity to survive, so why not source your power from a greener solution? There are many ways that you could make your power greener. You could use wind turbines, solar panels or even hydropower.

All of these different methods are sustainable, better for the environment than traditional sources of power and can save your business money each month. Solar panels are the easiest way to create greener energy in your business, as they take up little space on the roof of a building and are easy to buy in the UK.

And the technology of solar panels nowadays is just amazing, in example peel and stick solar panels. This advancement of solar energy is that it comes in various size, which can suit into your needs of energy. And this kind of solar panel can be applied as easy as just peel and stick, the choice of surfaces the solar panels are to be applied on also various.

Create A Green Lifestyle Initiative

there are dos and don'ts to ensure successful house sitting assignments

If there’s one thing that employees appreciate, it’s a bit of friendly competition. So, why not use this to encourage your employees to make green changes to their everyday lifestyles? You could hold a recycling contest or a carbon footprint reduction challenge.

Not only will this get your employees excited about being more environmentally friendly, but it will help to educate people about the small changes that can be easily made to help our planet. You should make sure that your business encourages green lifestyle changes regularly and holds employees accountable for their contribution to climate change.

Move Your Paperwork Online

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One of the biggest problems facing our climate today is the loss of natural habitat caused by deforestation. Deforestation occurs largely due to our large demand for paper, and businesses use paper for printing out almost anything.

Subsequently, a lot of this paper is wasted or thrown away just moments after it is printed out. It is now easier than ever to become a paper-free workplace and carry out all of your paperwork online. There is plenty of software available that will allow you to share, sign and edit documents without needing to chop down a single tree.



Another good way to reduce deforestation for paper along with the production of many other materials is recycling. Paper, plastics and glass can all be recycled and made into fresh material or products that will save the production of unneeded materials.

You should encourage recycling within your business by installing clearly labelled recycling bins that will help your employees to distribute their waste efficiently. You should also encourage reusable goods such as replacing paper coffee cups for plastic ones that can be washed and used over and over again.

Waste is harmful to our environment and is not always necessary. Many of the items that are thrown away each day can be reused or recycled.

With the UK’s 10-point plan in effect, we can hopefully expect to see some noticeable improvements in how climate change is tackled. By utilising just some of the above points, your business can also do its part to help heal our planet.




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