You Will Not Believe the Magic of Peppermint Oil

You Will Not Believe the Magic of Peppermint Oil

You might have heard about magic in this world, or you might have experienced it yourself. However, some people still cannot accept the presence of it and deny it. Well, sure they have never used peppermint oil then.

You thought that we would talk about magic like in the movies or the power of Scarlet Witch? Uh, you are both right and wrong. Yes, we don’t talk about spellcasting or such, but there is something almost similar to it that peppermint oil can show you.

This essential oil alone is worth the name of the essential one, because this has so many benefits, we can get in just one appliance. And above everything, peppermint oil is made from herbs which means we don’t need to concern about dangerous chemicals while using it.

Want to know the magic of peppermint oil? Here in this article, we will tell you about it without hesitation.

Care for Your Stomach

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Peppermint oil is famous of its refreshing aroma which can help us to get rid of annoying smells that can upset our stomach. The power of peppermint oil is so great that it can even be used to reduce nausea to people affected by chemotherapy.

There are many ways we can get the benefits of the essential oil for this business. First is by simply smelling it. Putting a drop of the essential oil on your face mask would also help preventing you having motion sickness during a long drive.

While the next method is by rubbing it in the belly, which will give us a cool and relaxing sensation. Many studies claim that the sensation can help our stomach to loosen up a bit which then results in reduced stress in the area.

We can also consume it and get the benefits of peppermint oil. Since peppermint oil is a carminative that can relieve flatulence, it can help remove excess gas in your belly. Combined with caraway oil, it can also help us relieve heartburn.

Furthermore, peppermint oil is one of the most beneficial essential oils if consumed. Just combining a few drops into your warm drinks can stimulates a lot of processes in your digestive system thanks to its antibacterial feature.

Got Flu? Try Peppermint Oil

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Flu, and other similar diseases that affect our breathing organs, can be handful to deal with. We cannot breathe with ease, our head feels like being hit by tons of hammers, and that runny nose sure all too far too annoying for us to just ignore.

Clogged breathing sure is the most annoying part because we cannot just live life like we used to do. In case of that, this essential oil is known to be able to help clear our nasal passages so that we can breathe easier.

Inhalation of this essential oil is the most suggested method in this case. Whether direct inhalation or putting a few drops of the oil into warm water are both welcome. Usage of diffuser to clean the air is also a good idea.

This essential oil that carries antibacterial feature will help you cure from flu faster because it can prevent inflammation in your nasal passage. The aromatherapy from this essential oil can also help you to rest better to fight the virus.

A good rest is the best way to cure flu, and with peppermint oil you can not only rest better but also other additional features mentioned above. Did we forget to mention during our flu period peppermint oil’s nice aroma is strong enough to penetrate our reduced smelling sense and it smells like heaven?

Ease Pain Everywhere

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Peppermint oil, in addition to its lovely aroma, is also known for the cool sensation when applied to our skin like mentioned before. In addition to that, its anti-inflammatory characteristic is applicable in every part of our body.

A study done in 2007 suggested that peppermint oil, applied topically, can reduce the pain in migraine within only 15 minutes. It shows that peppermint oil is also better than certain drugs because it is natural and not made of tons of chemicals.

Another study conducted by researchers in Neurological Clinic of the University of Kiel, Germany, also suggested that applying the oil in our forehead and temples can get rid of general headache. This is something that even aspirin cannot do.

Reducing muscle and joint pain, including reducing swelling, is apparently another problem that the oil can solve. The oil is of course also known as a good ointment to help fighting rash or inflammation in our skin.

Again, since it is a natural antibacterial product, it can also help our wounds heal faster if used to treat wounds. Overall, this essential oil is a better choice than your regular antiseptics if we also include the pleasant smell and texture on our skin.

Be Beautiful with Peppermint Oil

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Skincare products cost too much? Try switching to peppermint oil for the same (if not better) result to your skin. This oil is known to contain a lot of antioxidant materials from the high content of minerals and vitamins.

Additionally, peppermint oil contains menthol according to L’oreal Paris, menthol essential oil menthol essential oil is highly regarded and often infused into creams, ointments and cosmetic products as a way of supplying the skin with a refreshed sensation.

It will also alleviate problematic skin and fight acne, according to a study conducted in 1978! How long have we missed that! The only thing that we need to be careful of when using peppermint oil is avoid using it around eye area because the area is very sensitive and may cause irritation.

And for your hair? Definitely it would do some wonder. It can act as hair growth serum, scalp treatment, moisturizer, hair mask, and conditioner. Mixing few drops of peppermint oil into your hair treatment products also boost them even further.

Not to mention using it as your shaving cream will not only make the shaving process easier but will also help you avoid skin rash in the area. Now, you have known the magic of peppermint oil, would you try it for yourself? Check our sources for further information about the usage.



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