This Is How Spain Wins Over Wind Energy among Other Alternatives

This Is How Spain Wins Over Wind Energy among Other Alternatives

Spain is setting sail to the future of energy generation. The country is developing advanced wind energy farm that could supply the majority of the country’s energy needs. It has been proven effective in 2021, and getting better in 2022.

This is huge news because not many countries are able to focus on developing renewable energies, especially during this global covid-19 pandemic. However, Spain has managed to find a way to enforce its wind energy generation.

How did Spain manage to win over the wind energy? Will this become the new standard for global energy generation? What do we need to meet the target of booth energy generation and carbon reduction?

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about it. And moreover, about how incredible it is for global energy generation.

Windy Spain

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As mentioned above, in 2021, wind was the biggest supplier of energy in Spain. According to the data collected by AEE, Spain’s wind association, wind energy registered more than 23% of the total energy generation in the country.

It was all thanks to the growth of wind energy in the country, with total installation power of more than 28,000 Megawatts. As a result, Spain recorded around 46% of its electricity harvested from renewable resources, or 10% more than the year 2020.

That’s not the only amazing fact about wind energy generation in Spain. In December 8 2021, during a single energy generation, the country was able to produce more than 20,000 Megawatt. That’s just almost the amount of total newly installed power, proofing that the installation was very effective.

AEE stated that wind power generation sector is the country’s main appeal to meet the objectives of National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC). In addition to that wind is also the most preferable source of energy to reach 42% renewable energy consumption target by 2030.

It lamented the country’s place as the runner up in wind energy generation in Europe just behind Germany. Spain itself is fifth in the world for wind energy generation only behind China, United States, Germany, and India.

Future Planning for Spain

wind turbines and the tricky parts of it

The prestige earned in 2021 didn’t falter the country to keep on going pushing for even better achievement. According to the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, as released by the government of the country, the number of wind turbines installed will become almost double the current number.

Not only developing more wind energy farm, but actually the country is also developing other alternatives, such as solar plant. In fact, solar farm in Spain is predicted to have bigger growth compared to wind turbines.

According to El Pais, the rate of growth of solar photovoltaic in Spain would be more than quadruples in the same time range as wind turbines. However, the contribution of solar photovoltaic plants would still lag behind wind turbines even when solar thermal energy is added into the list.

It proves that wind energy is indeed the best choice for Spain, because without the need to extensively add more units it has been able to give effective amount of energy. Furthermore, the growth on both wind and solar energy will further reduce nuclear energy consumption for Spain.

Nuclear energy was the number one for years in Spain before they realized how big the potentials they have with wind. But nowadays, nuclear power is predicted to fall into less than half of its current level or even more.

What about Fossil Fuel?

Oil Platform spain

The advancement of wind energy generation in Spain was partly helped by the rising prices of energy generated from fossil fuel. 2021 was known to be the most expensive year for energy generation because every single aspect of fossil fuel energy generation skyrocketed.

Never ever in our history we had to pay more money to generate energy than last year. Not only had the price of natural gas and oil quadrupled from what it was at the beginning of the year, but also the price of carbon tax under European Union’s trading scheme went beyond control.

On the other hand, the stuffs we need to build renewable energy plants are getting cheaper and cheaper thanks to the advancement of technology. “Right now, it’s renewables that make money,” according to Francisco Valverde, consultant at energy company Menta Energia.

That’s an interesting thing to talk about, since renewables only contributed less than a third of the country’s electricity a decade ago. Valverde considered such kind of growth in renewable energy  is nothing to be surprised about since Spain has it all needs to have such growth.

“Wind power is going to dominate the Spanish electricity grid for a long time,” he stated. “Sometimes it seems people are confused, but Spain has it all: we have more wind and more sun than practically any other European country.”

Knowing the Potentials

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The remarkable growth and success of renewable energy generation in Spain is just an example of how we can be friendly with our earth without having to suffer from anything. Instead, befriending our planet can give us huge benefits.

The point is to understand what kind of potentials we have before rushing anything. Spain did years of advanced research just to understand their strength, which in this case is wind power, and dedicated themselves in the green energy generation.

And even though what Spain did sounds complicated and sophisticated, but we all actually can follow the path by starting small. We don’t say that every one of us should buy and use solar panels on top of our roofs, but we can start from smaller things.

Say for example by drying our clothes in the sun instead of using fossil-fueled cloth drier, we have helped to reduce our own carbon emission. Washing our own clothes by hands is also a good example if it is just one or two pieces of them instead of using fossil-fueled washing machine.

The future is all about maximizing the potentials we have without having to be less convenience about. Thus, if the suggestion above does tricks, why should we consume more electricity?


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