Three Important Tips to Take Good Care of Your Teacup Puppy

Three Important Tips to Take Good Care of Your Teacup Puppy

Who doesn’t love teacup puppy? These little creatures are a bundle of joy for their owners, after all. What’s in this world better than waking up to these cute, adorable creatures, welcoming you with a metal-melting smile!

That’s why, nowadays, everybody is head over heels crazy to have one of these puppies at home. However, keeping a teacup puppy isn’t as simple and easy as it sounds. In fact, it is a pretty difficult job to do for new teacup puppies’ new owners.

Here are some tips for you if you own one, of planning to own a teacup puppy.

For You Who Doesn’t Know What’s Teacup Puppy Is…

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Even though teacup puppy has been a trend for years, but it doesn’t mean that everybody knows what teacup puppy is. And in case you still haven’t known what teacup puppy is, we will give you a little explanation about it.

Teacup puppy is actually not a new species of dog, nor it is a mutated species of dogs, but just ordinary dogs. The difference between the teacups with other dogs is the size of their body, which can even fit into a teacup, thus the name.

To make their size so mini, they are bred by pairing the smallest dogs of the litter. To get the wanted size, sometimes the breeding process requires generations. And as the result, the cutest puppy you will ever know.

However, these dogs need a lot of care because they are prone to different health problems because of their size. Just like how human babies who are born with smaller bodies are tend to be weaker physically, this dog has the same problem.

One of the most noticeable perks is they have very fragile bones that are fractured easily. So, if you already have a teacup puppy at your home or are planning to have one, below are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your little dog is well taken care of.

Ensure Your Teacup Puppy Gets Enough Rest

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These little dogs are sometimes aggressive players. They love to jump around and have to do that because of their size. Their little legs cannot reach standard height for normal dogs as easy as the normal ones.

Those small jumps of course will consume more of their energy compared to normal dogs. In this case, when most of the owners are so busy in their own activities, they pay little to no attention to making the puppy rest.

The problem is, having enough rest for them is very important. But puppies are puppies, and they love to play much more than resting. You might notice sometimes your puppy falling asleep anywhere, and this is a clear indication that it needs to rest immediately.

Teacup puppies generally require about fifteen hours of sleep a day, so just make sure that get that sleep time. Also, you can consider limiting the playtime to half an hour session, just to be sure that the puppy doesn’t get too tired.

Dental Hygiene is Extremely Important

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The importance of dental hygiene goes ignored by most puppy owners. Teacup puppies require special dental care because they have extremely small mouths and that’s why their teeth are basically jammed closely together.

These tiny little creatures don’t possess enough jaw strength to clean their teeth by chewing, hence, there is an increased chance of plaque accumulation. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Yes, plaque accumulation is a big health problem for them.

This makes them prone to different health issues, and in case the puppy catches a bacterial infection inside the mouth, it would be very difficult for you to handle the situation. To be on the safe side, take your puppy to a veterinarian every week for a general checkup. In case the vet sees any signs of infection, the infection will be treated before it spreads.

Say NO to Unwanted Behaviors

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Many teacup puppy owners ignore the negative behavior of their puppies, as a result of which, the puppy turns aggressive over time, which is not good for them. However, you can teach your puppy how to stay calm most of the time.

If your puppy does anything that is unappreciated, simply say NO out loud and then ignore what the puppy is doing. The puppy will eventually understand which behaviors are inappropriate and will refrain from doing those acts.

Many owners are seen isolating their puppies and scolding them as punishment. Keep in mind that this act is only going to stress your puppy and it’s ineffective. These puppies can best be treated with love and care.

Well, those are the things that you must pay attention to if you want to take care of and adopt a teacup puppy. Don’t forget that being a puppy owner is a responsibility.

If you are thinking to welcome one to your home, FouFou Puppies can help you get the most adorable teacup puppy you could ever imagine.

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