Walk This Way: 10 Best Cities That You Can Comfortably Explore on Foot

Walk This Way: 10 Best Cities That You Can Comfortably Explore on Foot

Walking is a nice way to do a light exercise and also to make you healthier. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, and you can observe a lot of things that you usually don’t get to do when you’re driving or taking trains. If you’re planning to do long walks in your next holiday, these are the best cities to go to.

1. Florence

ponte vecchio bridge

Florence has a historic center. However, only residents, buses, and taxis with permit can access it. Not to worry, though, since there are other things that you can enjoy on foot here. Historic sights are everywhere, it’s almost like you’re walking in an open-air museum.

For example, you can go to Florence’s most well-known landmark, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (simply known as Florence Cathedral). There’s also Ponte Vecchio, which is the city’s oldest bridge and the only one that survives German bombing during World War II. Should you ever feel tired, there are lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants around.

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh castle in Scotland

Given the gorgeous views of Scotland, Edinburgh has got to be in this list. First, you can go to Arthur’s Seat, which is an extinct volcano in the middle of the city and a garden near it called Dr. Neil’s Garden.

You can walk and enjoy the nice combination of old and new architecture, or just go to the local pubs and cafes. The Royal Mile leads you to Edinburgh Castle, Grassmarket, and a lot more tourist hot spots.

3. Boston

Boston Harbor Walk by Billy Hathorn Wikimedia Commons
Boston Harbor Walk by Billy Hathorn Wikimedia Commons

When outsiders talk about USA, they usually mention famous cities or states. Boston gets rarely mentioned, even though it’s the home to a lot of walks that show how rich and old the city is. Boston’s waterfront is around the Harbor Walk, which is over 64 kilometers long.

It might sound intimidating, but when you actually go through it, you’re going to see local landmarks like Christopher Columbus Park and Institute of Contemporary Art. You can also try Freedom Trail which will give you historical side of the city like King’s Chapel, Bunker Hill Monument, and the historic neighborhood Beacon Hill.

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4. La Cumbrecita

beautiful landscape in La Cumbrecita by Rolf Dietrich Brecher Wikimedia Commons
beautiful landscape in La Cumbrecita by Rolf Dietrich Brecher Wikimedia Commons

When you first step into this city, you’re probably going to think “Wait, is this South America?”. This part of Argentina really looks like a copy paste of European city. There’s a history to that. A German engineer went to this place in the 1930s because he was tired of city life and founded La Cumbrecita. Some of the signs are still in German until now.

And that German engineer was so lucky to had found this place. La Cumbrecita is so peaceful until today. In fact, it is Argentina’s only official car-free town. Therefore, people mostly walk to commute, some ride horses (which is awesome).

There are ecotourism activities now like zip lining and trekking. Moreover, this city is currently focusing on renewable energy, greywater recycling, and composting. Pretty cool for a city of a rather large and wide country isn’t it?

5. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fancy old town? Look no further than Dubrovnik. This city goes way back to the 13th century. It used to be a major center for trades, especially sea voyage ones. This city was renovated and restored and has become a popular tourist attraction only recently.

You might recognize this city if you’re loyal fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones, because this city serves as the series’ location for King’s Landing. The old town is delightful because it’s pedestrian-friendly and not so large (tourist sites, restaurants, and venues are close one another). There are no vehicles around, as they’re not allowed in this place.

6. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best cities to explore by walking. This city has banned cars for over a decade, so townspeople commute by train and foot. The streets are usually steep, but still passable. You can be healthier in this place. Think about how toned your legs will be!

Many tourists and locals choose to walk around these villages. If you want to go hiking, you will need a permit. Reportedly though, you can buy it along with a rail pass. And once you do, you’re going to be in awe with bright colored buildings in each village and rocky shoreline.

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7. Kyoto

Kyoto alley in Japan

Forget about Tokyo once when you go to Japan and go to the country’s old capital city. Kyoto has a gorgeous blend of ancient history and modernity. So if you really love Japanese history and culture, oh boy you’re going to love it here.

This city had been Japan’s imperial capital for more than a thousand years, so you can still see temples, tea houses, and flower arranging traditions that still flourish. But you won’t be bored with the traditional stuff, because Kyoto is still Japan’s major cities after all.

8. Melbourne


Are parks and architecture your favorite things? Melbourne has it. Not only that you will enjoy the city better by walking, you can also go to Royal Botanic Garden. It’s a lush garden with 8,500 species of plants from all over the world.

When you’re done with the garden, you can walk to Yarra River, which is right next to it. If you want more parks, consider going to Royal Park and Heide Park. Melbourne’s city center has restaurants, stores, and bars that you can visit and try. The possibility is endless here.

9. Vientiane

Arc de Triomphe with Laotian accent in Vientiane

Laos is famous for its Mekong River. And Vientiane, its capital city, gives you a marvellous mix of French and Laotian cultures. The city’s very laid back and the avenues there are shaded by trees, making your walks more delightful. If you like seeing Buddhist related monument or religious site, then this place is heaven for you.

Walk your way to Pha That Luang, which is the country’s most important national monuments, to see golden Buddhist stupa. Then go down to Patuxay Monument. It’s very similar to Arc de Triomphe but it has Laotian motifs. You can also go to Sisaket Temple, an important religious site. Once you’re done, there are lots of restaurants to give your feet some rest.

10. Vancouver

Empress Hotel in Vancouver

Despite the fact that Vancouver is one of Canada’s big cities, this place is so perfect for avid walkers. There are pedestrian wayfinding maps and transportation plans that allows you to walk freely and comfortably. If you want to go to the city’s most popular walks, there’s a beautiful walkway along False Creek to Granville Island.

You can stop by the Public Market for fresh and locally grown produce. If you’re more into parks, then you can go to Stanley Park that houses artwork, scenic viewpoints, and Lost Lagoon. You can also take a lazy stroll across Lions Gate Bridge to get an unforgettable views of the city and the sea.

Have you found the one that you want to go most? Tell us in the comments below. Make sure to read this article for another article of sustainable holiday!



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