Fancy Some Liquor for New Year? Get the Ethical, Eco-Friendly Brands

Fancy Some Liquor for New Year? Get the Ethical, Eco-Friendly Brands

New year celebration calls for some alcoholic drinks. If you’re one of those people who don’t celebrate new year because of your own reasons, it’s 2019 and it is a perfect time to try some new liquor so you can have some handy company for other occasions.

But, to make everything better for you, the environment, and other people in need, opt for ethical and/or eco-friendly brands like these.


1. Square One Organic Vodka

Probably you’re familiar with this vodka because of the brand’s trademarked square bottle. This brand turned to a green business when its founder, Allison Evanow, noticed that there are some environmental issues that need to be addressed and she got the info from the community farmers’ market.

Therefore, everything about this brand turned to be eco-friendly. The vodka was made from organically grown North Dakota rye, the packaging and processing avoid serious chemicals, the bottles are not frosted, the brand use easy-peel labels that make things easier for you if you want to reuse them. Square One also uses sustainably grown bamboo, bagasse, and cotton.

Organic rye grain byproducts are great protein and fiber for organic dairy farm feed, so the brand really minimizes their waste as well, which is good.

2. Reliquum London Dry Gin

The farmer Pete Thompson said, “We are very proud of this London dry gin, but it is only the first step in our journey towards creating a genuine single estate gin, using ingredients entirely sourced from the fields and orchards of our farm, here in Great Oakley on the north eastern tip of coastal Essex.”

Thompson created this gin after he made an eau de vie, which was crafted from apples on his farm which would be considered waste. After that moment, this liquor with mellow floral sweetness of apples came to life and it minimizes food waste.

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3. Absolut Elyx vodka

Think that big liquor brands like Absolut won’t do anything to save the environment? That’s not always the case. If you’re not aware yet, this brand has been contributing to the environment and social welfare for years. For example, Absolut has locally planted materials, produced spirits, and hired workers in southern Sweden.

With Elyx, the brand’s CEO Jonas Tahlin and his team launched a five-year (and beyond) initiative in partnership with Water for People, an organization with a purpose of bringing sustainable clean water to communities around the world.

To date, the purchase of Elyx bottles and via products in the Elyx Boutique have given over 30,000 people access to safe drinking water (their goal is 100,000).

Annually, during World Water Day in March to Earth Day in April, you help more people getting clean water by posting pictures of you raising a toast of any drink trough Twitter and Instagram. Tahlin said, “If you want your philanthropy to be relevant, you also have to have integrity. You have to give substance and meaning to your cause.”


4. Papagayo Organic Rum

A rum with no pesticide aftertaste and is certified organic by CCOF and the Soil Association? That’s Papagayo for you. The brand’s spirits were made from organically farmed sugarcane, the Paraguayan workers are all fairly paid, and the rum is produced by over 800 family farmers of an underdeveloped region in that country.

Organic practices will help preserve and enrich the land in the future, so it will be great for the farmers as well as the nature. And, there is apparently a link between organic alcoholic drink and a decreased hangover symptoms. Probably it’s because of the high-quality material and also the lack of methanol, which is more common in poorly refined distilled spirits.

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5. Fair quinoa vodka

It’s no doubt that the production of some alcoholic drinks takes place in areas with political and environmental upheaval. That is why the brand’s founder Alexander Koiransky wanted to create an liquor brand that will make farmers’ life better.

What’s different from this brand is that the vodka uses quinoa instead of any other starch/sugar-rich plant. That gives it an interesting character, so you can taste a hint of nuttiness unlike the usual vodka which is flavorless. This variant will be perfect to put in cocktails.

Fair partners with a co-op of over a thousand farmers in the Bolivian Andes. The liquor is made in a small family-owned still in France. The result is a certified organic, gluten-free, Fairtrade, and unique vodka. Sometimes, even though a brand or company doesn’t create something thoroughly eco-friendly, they still contribute to the well-being of its workers.


6. Horse Soldier Bourbon

This brand is special because its company, American Freedom Distillery, is founded by veterans. Therefore, this brand supports any cause that relates to freedom and the lives of freedom fighters, including forces that went to war.

Specifically, the distillery contributes to the Warrior Sailing Program that helps vets deal with injuries and PTSD, the Green Beret Foundation, The Armed Forces Families Foundation, local Florida non-profits, and a lot more.

AFD co-founder John Koko said, “Anything we can do to help in a soldier’s transition or simply give back to our community, we will always do.”

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7. Old Duff Genever

Although it’s called Dutch gin, genever is actually similar to whisky. If you’re not familiar with this liquor, genever is distilled from a multigrain malted “wine” with a hint of juniper and aged in a barrel for malty, smoky note that tastes good in cocktails or when you drink it neat.

Now, this brand isn’t actually green, but it has great social responsibility, which is just as important. The founder of Old Duff, Philip, wants to give people the chance to try a true Holland-based product because there are many large Dutch brands that source their material from Belgium.

From each bottle you purchase, you’re going to donate $1 to charities that aid bartenders. It may not seem much, but this brand is actually a very tiny company so a dollar amounts to about 25% of the net profit. Recently, the designated charity has been fielding requests for assistance following the hurricanes in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida. Pretty good, right?


8. 4 Copas Organic Tequila

Ooh la la. If you’re a fan of this type of spirits and you want to get the green version, this brand is a must buy. 4 Copas is the first certified organic tequila and it’s made from 100% organic blue agave at La Quemada ‘Green’ Distillery.

There are four styles of tequila, which are blanco, reposado, anejo, and extra-anejo and the bottles are made from hand-blown glass crafted by local artisans. As you may know, locally sourcing materials is very eco-friendly.

And not just that, 4 Copas have also created a special edition tequila bottle to support the works of Oh, the brand also makes an agave nectar, a low-glycemic substitute sweetener that you can use to replace honey or sugar.

In addition to making the first certified organic tequila, they also created a special edition tequila bottle to support the works of For those with a sweet-tooth, they also make an agave nectar, which can be used as a low-glycemic substitute sweetener in place of honey or sugar.

Have you tried one or two brands in this list? Which one that you really want to buy right now? Tell us in the comments. Be sure to click here for a related reading!



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