10 Must-Follow Animal Instagram Accounts that will Brighten Up Your Day

10 Must-Follow Animal Instagram Accounts that will Brighten Up Your Day

Back before Instagram, it’s quite hard to find social media accounts which are dedicated only for cute pets. Even when social media was booming years ago, mostly the accounts would be just for cats and dogs.

Now, thanks to social media platform popularity (and animal lovers out there), there are a lot of Instagram pet accounts. Not only cats and dogs, other animals also have their own accounts. They have a large number of followers who love seeing them.

So if you’re an animal lover and you’re looking for anti-mainstream yet adorable Instagram animals, be sure to check out and follow these accounts.

1. Loki the wolfdog

There aren’t anything special with this dog when we look at it at the first glance. The dog just looks like regular Siberian Husky or Malamute (or mix of those two). But what’s special about Loki is that he has arctic wolf blood in his veins.

Because he has some part of wild animal blood, Loki loves traveling around with his owner, Kelly Lund. When Lund found Loki, he tried the best he can to not leave his dog behind. So, they started backcountry snowboarding together when Loki was 4 months old, and their adventure started ever since.

2. Hamlet the Piggy

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I love the smell of grass in the morning.

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Pigs might not be the first choice of people who want to have pets. But when they become a pet, there’s an irresistible charm that you can’t find in others. Take, Hamlet for example. She’s a mini pig who brings warmth to her owners’ hearts.

What’s so unique about Hamlet is that she loves swimming, playing fetch, and chewing bubble gums (knowing not to swallow it)! Other than that she enjoys taking walks, playing at the dog park with her dog friends. Her favorite things to eat? bananas and bowls full of veggies.

3. Monique

Many people have taken their pets to their travels, just like Monique. But as you can see, Monique isn’t like any other traveling pets who go on adventures with their owners. She is in fact, a hen!

Her owner is a French explorer, Guirec Soudée. Soudée and Monique have been in a two-year around the world sailing trip together. They’ve also been to places like the Atlantic, Greenland, and Caribbean. Currently, they both are sailing across Pacific Ocean

4. Able and Siblings

Three cats wearing costumes in a picture definitely makes us squeal in joy, right? It gets even more remarkable. These cuties are actually cats with special needs.They surely don’t look like it, do they? It’s because they’re so happy that they forget their ‘disability’.

Able (the one in the middle) is a stray cat who lost his front legs. He lost them when he fell on a loose wire and got electrocuted. Left is Fin Fin, a calico cat who is paralyzed from hips down and Able’s first sister. Right is Ginny, the newest addition to the family (who is also paralyzed like Fin Fin).

It’s refreshing to see the cat siblings’ actions because they ignore their condition and act just like what healthy, normal cats will do.

5. Lionel the hedgehog

Hedgehog is a popular pet nowadays. Even though they’re spiky, they’re absolutely cute and adorable. We’re convinced their spikes are not intimidating in any way anymore. It’s cute that they can curl themselves up and look so round because of it.

Lionel is no exception. He’s a big hedgehog who’s a natural photogenic. His owner frequently takes pictures of him and his sibling Lilo when they’re all curled up. Sometimes, they’re put on top of ice cream cones, mugs, or liquor glasses.

6. Jack the cockatiel

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Sometimes, we can see the full behavior (not to mention cuteness) of pet birds when they’re not inside a cage. On Instagram, you can see the behavior of a cockatiel called Jack from Brazil. Jack has grey-colored feathers on his body with yellow-feathered face (and orange spots like a blush).

If you like minimalism or aesthetic type of visuals, then you’ll love this account. Jack’s owner cares about visuals and so he created an Instagram feed which will definitely please your eyes. Jack’s photos are beautiful, minimalistic, and of course, cute.

7. Juniper Fox

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This has never happened before… As most of you know, I have been traveling A LOT since September. We've been in the process of finding a permanent facility to start our sanctuary. This has caused a little bit of stress on Juniper since she's so closely bonded with me. WELL, yesterday I returned home from being away for an entire week. ☁️ I sat with her on the floor and talked to her while she soaked up the attention. She then jumped onto my back and shoulders to get closer to my face. (Completely normal). I continued petting her and she slowly turned around. I thought she was getting ready to jump back onto the floor when suddenly… she squatted… and peed directly on my head. ☁️ I don't think I'm allowed to leave the house anymore. #YouNasty

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Foxes are like dogs with super fluffy and silky smooth fur coat. Their personality is a combination of both cats and dogs (two for the cost of one, right?). Just watching their videos and scrolling through their heartwarming photos really brighten up our day.

Juniper is one of them. This domesticated fox is well known for her charming, lovable smile. She likes to play with her dog ‘boyfriend’ called Moose and with her younger brother, a rescue fox from fur farm, called Fig. Follow the foxes journey on Instagram.

8. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Raccoons are often considered vermin. In the wild, they always mess up the trash and they carry rabies at times. If you have outdoor pets then any kind of virus or bacteria from raccoons can transfer to them. Looking from that perspective, having a pet raccoon is out of the question.

That’s different for Pumpkin, though. All those bad reputation about raccoons vanish right away when you see her. What’s funny is, because she’s a raccoon rescued from the wild, she can’t keep her hands away from things. She frequently plays rough with her dog brothers, but chills with them when it’s relaxing time.

9. Exempel the Bunny

Who’s a rabbit lover? Well, you’ll be happy with this one. Exempel is a cute bunny has big flappy ears. Surprisingly, he loves hopping and enjoys his time outdoors. He can also do tricks such as paw tricks and jump over obstacles.

Because he’s all for activities, Exemple loves snacking. He really likes munching on carrots (because bunnies, right?) and bananas. But on top of it all, he loves snuggling with his human mother and getting much of her love for him.

10. Teddy the Shetland

Horses are cool. But ponies? Ponies are absolutely cute (and cool too!). They’re so small but they can be so strong and robust. And don’t be fooled by their size, because adults can ride fully grown Shetland ponies (Teddy is a shetland), just like in that Sherlock Holmes film.

Teddy is a sassy pony. His personality is down to earth but he will show what he wants. Because of his popularity, he recently starred his own Christmas ad Tingle Creek Festival day. In the ad, Teddy finally makes his big dream to be in a racetrack come true. Cute isn’t it?

Those were the 10 list of animal Instagram accounts that you have to follow right away. Not only cute, some of their stories are also so funny and heartwarming. They will absolutely make you want to radiate joy around other people. Hope you enjoyed reading this!


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