These Polar Bears Tried To Send Us A Message

These Polar Bears Tried To Send Us A Message

Global warming and climate change have struck us with the most saddening stories. Do you still think that global warming is just a hoax? Do you still think that there is nothing bad actually happens nowadays because of our destructive activities?

Here we show you what the most natural inhabitants of north pole try to tell you about the truth. Who are they? They are our old friends, polar bears. The only species of bear living in arctic circle becomes more and more vulnerable to further changes, because of us.

Polar bears have long been the most enduring and sobering symbols of climate change. The reason is simple, because they are the most vulnerable species due to temperature rise. As the temperature is rising, they get less and less sea ice in arctic.

Do you want to know what kind of message that they are trying to tell us? Here in this article we will show you.

Retreating Ice

The worst thing that climate change has caused to polar bears is retreating ice in the ocean. With less and less ice on arctic sea, they face so many problems. Not only it causes the air to get warmer, but it provides them less ice bed to rest while hunting for food.

Not only that, the amount of fish living in arctic ocean is declining too. Those fish were well-adapted to live in colder water, but as the ocean water gets warmer they try to find other places with colder areas. In arctic, the place is unreachable north, where the population of polar bears is not plenty.

There are about 25.000 polar bears left on earth, and scientists said that the deadline for their extinction is within 100 years from now. Not because of illegal poaching, but the polar bears are predicted to die weak and starving.

Yes, they are starving to death. In one of our articles, we have shown you a video about weak and starving polar bear trying to get some food while dying. She died in the most miserable way, anyway, because of us.

Not wanting to die in such pathetic way, a group of polar bears tried different approach to find some food. Instead of starving themselves by staying up north, they invaded a Russian town of Belushya, located in northern Russia archipelago Novaya Zemlya.

The Message

Many researchers said that polar bears are the “canary in the coal mine” for climate change. Any signs about climate change is told by nature via those white bears. That’s why in this article we are going to talk about the messages sent by those polar bears.

Polar bears have not been a strange ‘attraction’ to the townspeople in Belushya. They have been visited by transiting polar bears throughout times, but usually there has been only one or two in every visit. But this time, it was a whole group of polar bears, including their cubs.

This was the first time in history the townspeople ever witnessed such phenomena. “I have been in Novaya Zemlya since 1983, but there has never been so many polar bears in the vicinity,” Zhigansha Musin, the head of Novana Zemlya told AccuWeather.

The polar bears said ‘hello’ to the townsfolks by peering into house windows and breaking into buildings, all of a sudden. But that’s not the saddest thing to witness, they were also rummaging into town trashes looking for foods!

Can you imagine the most natural animals on earth rummaging for trashes that may contain highly toxic chemicals? Health was surely not their main problems here, the only reason why they did it should be acute starvation.

An Emergency

Polar Bears by this_is_anastasya (Instagram)
Polar Bears Rummaging for Trash by this_is_anastasya (Instagram)

In response to the invasion, the town has sieged up themselves by putting extra fencing around public areas. They also drew a safe route for people who need to travel around the city in order to avoid the horde of polar bears.

It was done to avoid any bear attack, which in some cases occurred. Even Russian National Nature Resources Agency sent a group of professionals to the town to help the townspeople to get those bears out of residential areas.

It was a state of emergency, for the residents. Lesser they knew that the presence of the horde of polar bear in their town was a greater emergency alert to the whole city, even to the whole planet. It was a clear sign that arctic ocean has lost too many ice due to increasing temperature.

Our daily activity has become an invitation letter to those bears to invade the town. With less ice to transit, they have less place to take a rest while hunting for food. And if there is no ice at all, they will not be able to hunt for fish, whose population has been declining in the area too.

Their only option to get food was to rummage for it in the trash, in which the town provides. Sounds pathetic to you? How pathetic it would be if we might be the next species to suffer from these phenomena of global warming?

The Tenth Day

starving polar bear by Andreas Weith
Starving Polar Bear by Andreas Weith

The horde of 52 bears was able to be driven away from the town by Russian military force. Yes, it even took Russia’s Defense Ministry to get them away from the town. But did it solve the whole problem? Of course not.

Polar bear invasion to Novaya Zemlya archipelago was the result of global warming. With warmer ocean water, the amount of ice in arctic ocean will keep on declining. As a result, the bear will keep find it hard to find some food, leaving them only two choices: starving to death or invade nearby towns.

They might even eat human due to starvation! “Due to a deficit of food, polar bears can turn their attention to any potential source of food, including a human,” said Belushya Guba administrators in a statement quoted by DPA.

This kind of phenomenon might happen again in short future, unless we do something to fix the roots of all this problem. Lowering our carbon emission and planting more trees to stabilize the global temperature are the most effective ways to solve the problems. If the proofs still cannot convince you about global warming, what will?


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