8 Green Tech Start-Ups to Give You Business Ideas

8 Green Tech Start-Ups to Give You Business Ideas

Technology is very well established in our lives. However, mainstream tech has been sort of repetitive, dull, and stagnant. It only change and slightly improve something that already exists such as internet, mobile app services, and the likes.

That’s not the case for green technologies, though. Humanity gets more and more progressive in terms of eco-friendly advancements. And as more people become environmentally conscious, green tech gradually gains more popularity, demand, and success. Besides, you can make customers feel good because they contribute to a great cause.

Therefore, initiating a green business isn’t a bad idea at all. You and your customers make the world a better place together and you’d still get profit continually. It’s inevitable that more and more people will go green because of your brand.

If you’re into technology and eco-friendly stuff, and thinking of starting a tech business, here’s a list of green tech startups to help you get inspired.

1. Seabin

Ocean pollution is a great tragedy and danger to Earth. Sure, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a good example, but you can’t forget the fact that all aquatic areas are polluted as well. Undoubtedly, they need innovative cleanup methods because picking up trash manually isn’t efficient and using boats is expensive.

This is when Seabin comes in. It’s a device that sucks in trash, effectively collecting them. You can rely on Seabin for all types of waste/pollution including oil. Using a filter bag and shore-based pump system, the product is designed for harbors, yacht clubs, or other water bodies with a lot of rubbish.

What happens to the wastes? The company has a great sustainable answer. Every collected pollution becomes a material for producing new Seabins. As for the funding, the Australian company received their funding from a successful indiegogo campaign. All things are possible!

2. Sistine Solar

Solar panels are great to save Earth. However, they usually make a house look unappealing, especially if it’s a traditional-styled residence. This company then has an idea that if a homeowner installs aesthetic solar panels, then others will want to invest as well.

Sistine solar received $1 million funding for their SolarSkin technology. It has an illuminated graphic layer on top of the solar panel that will match the color of house roof, display a logo or artistic pictures. Long story short, you can conserve energy, save money on electricity bills, keep your house looking good, and add value when you sell it.

So if you’re planning to have a country-style house which incorporates solar panels, you know which company to call.

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3. MowGreen

You have a lawn at home, and you know what it takes to take care of it. To eliminate gasoline usage and perhaps noise pollution, MowGreen has an alternative product that are quiet, organic, and gas-free.

Alternative energy and environmental awareness are two things that drive Connecticut locals to develop this lawn care product. As a result, they replace gas mowers with push mowers called Reel2Reel in the beginning. As the time goes, they’ve produced more advanced mowers which are battery-powered and charged with solar or green-sourced power.

The effect? Households using this mowers can mow 3000 acres without gas, avoiding over 5 million auto-mile emissions and 350 metric tons of air pollution per year.

Other than that, MowGreen also offers products and services that vary from lawn mowing, soil optimization, to aeration. This company has been leading a movement for small, green-oriented businesses ever since.

4. Elevate Structure

A team of engineers from Hawaii has a dream to build lucrative yet eco-friendly real estate. Inspired by trees, the team has since been developing portable spaces which are elevated above the ground. Although it looks quite inconvenient, this design utilize 6-20 times more usable space and minimize the footprint on the ground at the same time.

In one of their models, the rooftop collects rainwater (which are harvested in the structure too) with solar panels as well. The walls give you aestheticism as well as cooling and CO2 mitigation. Moreover, the water retention system reduces storm water run-off and helps minimize pollution.

With their design, you can also have the freedom to expand or relocate your green buildings. So you can move anywhere you want at anytime you wish! Perfect for pop-up commercial events as well as permanent residence (which protects you from flood), each 23 sqm space costs around $75,000 to $125,000.

5. Choose Energy

Before, the Texas-based startup was a simple marketplace for clean technology and services. Then, they reintroduced their brand with a vision to simplify shopping for electricity, natural gas rates, and renewable energy options for average consumer and small, growing businesses.

People are able to save money on energy costs, thanks to Choose Energy. This is achieved by replacing what they have in home with a 100% green product like wind power. Other than that, you can also work together with them to find plans that will benefit you. In the end, the process of going all natural isn’t a hard thing to do anymore, and it becomes an opportunity.

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6. Impossible Foods Inc.

Vegetarian food is getting more and more similar to the non-plant meal now, but some people still argue that it feels and tastes different no matter what. Well, they might think twice after tasting vegetarian produce from Impossible Foods Inc.

Promising “the best meats and cheeses you’ll ever eat,” this startup company has been producing vegetarian food since 2011. Their food ranges from actual green foods to delicious imitation food like cheeseburger. Sounds great, huh? With this, you can still get awesome, “meaty” burger without having to worry about sustainability or animal cruelty.

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Online networking has an appeal in today’s world, including the green tech ones like SPLT. It’s a mobile app for corporate employees ride sharing (or carpooling). In some places, only a few people go to their workplace by carpool, they’ll more likely use their own type of transportations or walk.

However, going to workplace individually is a little too independent (and seemingly distant or aloof). Therefore, the company’s goal is to transform the way people meet and mobilize in every major city in the world. You can also get to know your coworkers more.

Other than that, SPLT wants to provide social and environmental layer to the transportation system. This mobile app won’t only save your money, but it’ll also connect people and help the environment in the end. Also, it’s doesn’t look old-fashioned, so think of it like Uber but designed for employees of enterprises.

8. Thermolift, Inc.

Air conditioners and heater consumes a lot of energy, and some people understandably can’t live without them, it becomes a problem. One of the solutions is gas power. With $12 million funding, ThermoLift has created air conditioners and heat pumps powered by natural gas. With this, you can replace cooling and heating systems with only a single device.

The device, called Vuilleumier Heat Pump, provides 30 to 50% reduction in energy consumption and costs. Not only that, it also reduces emissions similar to greenhouse gas. What started off as a simple conversation between friends made Thermolift to be a great problem solver to environmental problems.

Which startups that you think give the most impact or high-tech? Tell us in the comments below! For related reading, read our article about turning trash into profit. Don’t forget to leave a like and share if you enjoyed reading this article. Have a good time thinking about your green business!



Green Tech Start-Ups: Are they the Future?

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