You Can Save Energy Starting From Your Bedroom

You Can Save Energy Starting From Your Bedroom

Reducing energy consumption is one way to save our earth, since most of energy distributed to us is produced in non-eco-friendly way or contributing to global emission. That’s why, this matter is usually included in “Save The Earth” campaigns all over the world.

Although it belongs to one of the best ways to save the earth, yet it is also one of the simplest things to do. Reducing energy consumption (and its emission) from fossil fuels that we consume to run the cars by going on public transports is one example how we can contribute to saving energy.

Okay, going on public transport is one way to conserve energy, but if you think that saving energy should be done outside the house, you are wrong. In fact, we can greatly contribute in saving energy from our houses.

Don’t you know that conserving energy in your house will not only benefit the planet but also yourself? It will lower your utility bills, making you have more money to donate to those good campaigns you always want to contribute to.

So, if you plan on conserving energy in your houses, where should you start? We can start from the very part of our home where you first open your eyes: bedrooms. Here we will talk about how to conserve energy from our bedrooms.

Controlling The Temperature

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Sleeping in the right and comfortable temperature is one of the biggest satisfaction in our lives. That’s why, many people try to control the temperature of their bedrooms to suit their comfort, whether by planting thermostat or using air conditioner.

By far, we know that both devices consume a lot of energy. Thermostat consumes gas, while air conditioner requires constant amount of electricity. So, by reducing the performance of both devices will conserve huge amount of energy.

The scheme is actually so simple, instead of maintaining the perfect temperature learn to adapt a little bit to natural temperature. Thus, to save energy you can simply just raise the temperature when it is warm but make sure to lower it while it is cold.

But how to make sure we are still comfortable in the bedroom without suffering from the heat and cold? To get the perfect temperature without too much help of the thermostat and air conditioner, actually there are many simple ways.


In winter, instead of raising the thermostat you can simply just add more layers of blankets. If you can set the timer of your thermostat, you can also set it to raise the heat just before you wake up. This way, you will not feel cold in the morning, but your energy consumption can be reduced.

While in the hot summer night, there are two options you can choose. First, try to set the timer of your air conditioner to off when you already asleep, and set it to turn on just before you open your eyes, just like what you can do to the thermostat.

Second option is to maintain the air flow by opening your window, if safety permits it. This way you can draw the breeze from outside to your room that will cool you off. If it is not possible, another option is by installing oscillating fan near your bed.

Window Maintenance

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Another way to conserve energy in your bedroom is by checking for any gaps in your room, usually between the windows. If there are any gaps, the energy you consume from temperature controllers is slipping away from it, along with your money.

From the gap, cooled air from your air conditioner may leak outside of your bedroom in the summer. Vice versa, cooler air from the outside will enter your room in the winter through the gap too. That’s why making sure your room is well isolated is a good point in conserving energy.

If you are willing to do some upgrade, make sure to install double paned windows instead of single paned glass. Double paned windows are better at isolating the temperature than the single pane ones, making your room warmer in the winter and cooler during summer.

Another method you should try is by utilizing some curtains on the windows. Closing your curtains during summer will avoid excessive sunshine to come into your room, making it warmer. While in the winter, opening it during the sunny day and closing it in the night will help you capture some warmth.

Electric Devices In Your Bedroom


Being one of the most used rooms throughout the year, no wonder that you install some electric devices in your bedroom. Laptop, computer, decoration lamps, even television are among devices that people are installing in their bedroom.

Those devices are constantly drawing energy when they are plugged in, even if those devices are turned off. Thus, unplugging your devices while unused and plugging it in again if you plan on using it is a wise thing to do to conserve more energy.

Another electric device that you often use in your bedroom is the lamp. It might seem classic to turn off the lamp when you are sleeping or leaving the room, but that’s a great contribution to our energy conservation.

You can also reduce the overall consumption of energy by converting your conventional lamps into LED lamps. LED lamps consume about 75% less energy than conventional lamps with not less visible lighting. However, still you should turn this off when not used.

Plant Trees


An idea that you might agree is by planting trees just outside your bedroom windows. Overall, it would give you the feeling of well-being and peacefulness in the room. The plants will also act as natural curtain for your room by blocking the sunlight but still letting some winter sunshine slip through.

The oxygen it releases will also make your room fresher and cooler without consuming any electricity. So, overall, planting some plants just outside your window will make your room much more comfortable for you.


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