Kiri Tree , The Empress That Can Save The Whole Planet

Kiri Tree , The Empress That Can Save The Whole Planet

Nature can provide us literally with anything we need. And since it is nature, it can do it naturally (seriously no puns intended). However, the mother nature’s ability is often overlooked, or in some other way has been widely known.

For example, nature has so many incredible plants that can literally fight our biggest enemies, global warming and plastic waste, almost instantly. Take for example we have bamboo, hemp, and the plant that we are going to talk about: Kiri tree.

Wait, have you ever heard of Kiri tree? Well, if you have not, here we will tell you what kind of tree it is, and some of its excellent benefits that we can get from it. Spoiler alert, if you want to plant it in your yard, you can easily order it online because it is available in most parts of the world.

Here we tell you the story of Kiri tree, and its potential ability to save the world.

The Japanese Gift


Kiri tree, or widely known as Paulownia species, is a flowering plant that is known to be cultivated mainly in eastern Asia. Natively known from Japan and Korea, this tree also grows in many other parts of Asia such as China and Southeast Asia.

It was first introduced in North America in 1844 as exotic ornamental tree. The spread of this tree in North America was unique, where the fruits of the tree was used as packaging materials and dumped after use without people noticing that it would grow into new trees.

In North America again, this tree is considered as invasive species since it is not a native plant and can grow very easily. The ‘victim’ of its invasion was major ports where the fruits used for packaging grew into full-grown tree in no time.

Lesser they know, that it is actually a Japanese gift for the people. In Europe, this tree is not considered as invasive because it grows into something far from ugly. Even people in Europe plant Kiri trees in their garden for ornamental purpose.

From this short description, you might understand how this tree is a fast growing one. Indeed, it is categorized as one of the fastest growing trees that can also produce timber. In fact, it can grow into maturity in less than a decade.

Kiri The Empress

kiri the empress

Kiri tree has beautiful indigo to purple flowers that will cover the upper part of it when the flowers are blooming. The flowers are fragrant and rich in nectar, which means it can be abundant food source for bees and other nectar consumers.

That’s why, this is also referred as Japanese Empress tree because of its inner and outer beauty. Japan even appointed this tree as ornamental symbol for its prime minister office, and use it in government seal of Japan, along with chrysanthemum which is used in imperial seal of Japan.

But the beauty is just one small factor that makes this tree important. As mentioned before that it is a fast-growing tree, Kiri tree can grow up to 6 meters tall in its first season, giving nice shade with beautiful flowers in that short range of time.

And after several years growing, it can be up to 20 meters tall with more beautiful appearance. In that span of time, it doesn’t only grow into a tall tree, but its trunk can also grow more than 50 centimeters in diameter, providing enough timber for many uses.

The leaves are also known to improve surrounding soil, and is favorite food for many herbivore animals. What’s more incredible is, when the tree cut down and the stump is let alone, it will regenerate as fast and contributing as the original tree.

Excellent Timber Provider

800px-'Paulownia_tomentosa' (Wikimedia Commons)

Having the title of one of the fastest growing trees with enough size of timber to produce wooden products, Kiri tree is a great ally in fighting deforestation. And the fact that it can easily sprout and grow anywhere in the world is another thing to be noted.

We can just plant it as seeds or propagated root cuttings, and wait for less than one decade to harvest the body. Let the stump stay on the ground and we will have another harvest in another decade almost certainty if nothing bad happens.

The wood of this tree is strong yet lightweight, that when compared to balsa woods it has higher strength to weight ratio. Most woodcrafters who use the wood are using it for producing boats and constructing traditional buildings because of its characteristics.

Traditionally, the wood is used to create traditional musical instruments that require light woods, such as guqin, guzheng, pipa, koto, and gayageum. But during this modern era, electric guitar makers are starting use this wood too.

It shows that there are many uses for Paulownia wood, and more importantly it is produced by one of the fastest growing plants. imagine if this plant is cultivated seriously all around the world and we don’t need to cut down forest for woods anymore.

And Kiri Can Save The Earth!

kiri tree

Here is where we talk about the most important part of this story. Kiri has the potentials to save the earth in a lot of ways. Not just one, nor just two, but many! How can this ornamental tree save the earth, by the way?

First, Kiri tree is easy to be planted. History has proven that seeds used in packaging materials during its early introduction in North America can grow into fat and beautiful trees in no time. And in fact, this tree is growing all around the world and has helped to reduce surrounding temperature. Just like what normal trees usually do.

Another thing is to be noticed is, the tree can reduce carbon dioxide more than average trees. It can absorb carbon dioxide emission ten times better than average trees and in return it produces ten times oxygen via its incredible photosynthesis ability. This might be the reason why this tree can grow so fast.

And third, the fast-growing tree can function as good source of timber. It can replace any kind of woods that doesn’t require specific characteristics to be used, and it can self-regenerate in similar pace of growth as the original tree. That’s two.

Last but not least, this tree produces two incredible things: beautiful flowers and nutritious leaves. Not only useful, this tree is also beautiful and filling tummies up. If you plan on planting this tree for any uses, expect it to show its beauty in spring and filling your cattle’s tummies during summer.

This tree is easy to find online. Thus, if you want to plant it now, why not?


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