Need Air Purifier? Forget the Commercial Ones and Try the Plant-Based Ones

Air is something so vital and important to humans’ lives. Sadly, air in the modern world we live in now are not quite healthy, and this is worse to people who spend most of their time indoors. Of course, we want to have healthy indoor air by closing the windows, but this traps all toxic substances inside.

Moreover, studies have stated that indoor pollutants is more harmful to human bodies than outdoor pollutants. Some of those nasty stuff even lay dormant inside our bodies and we only see the impact much much later. And what makes things worse is that air purifiers and ionizers that we see and use right now gives us non-natural air, and it’s not good to our airflow.

To combat this problem, Mark Prescott and Greenstreet Growers (a leader in eco-friendly, high quality plant material) has worked together and come up with all-natural air purifier called brēth. They tweaked a patented technology that speeds up active photosynthesis and as a result, this 3-plants-only purifier has the cleaning power of around 200 houseplants.

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Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, college dorm, office desk, or even your bathroom, this all natural air purifier can fit just about anywhere! — With its perfect and sleek design, brēth is designed to give you fresh air wherever and whenever you want it. To get your own brēth planter and make your friends wish they had one, click the LINK IN OUR BIO. If you already got yours, give this a like/comment/share and make sure to follow our social media. — Website: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: — Our voting for brēth colors is still going on! Make sure to vote your favorite color! . . . . . . . . . #gobreth #kickstarterwatch #StartupLife #homedecor #branding #indoorairquality #instahealth #igdcfamily #healthiswealth #freshairclub #greentechnology #inspiredbyplants #nature #instahome #instagood #igdaily #igers #instagramhub #sustainabledesign #sustainability #designedbynature #instaclimatechange #mothernature #brethtribe #interiorwilding #urbanjungleblog #greenhousehold #plantiful

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A NASA Clean Air Study discovered that indoor houseplants do remove toxins from air naturally, but it isn’t quite enough. With brēth, however, clean indoor air is easily achievable and this will work really well for people who mostly spend their time indoors.

Prescott, the co-founder, said, “Modern building design has created excellent energy efficiency, but has left inhabitants in chemical-laden and unhealthy stagnant environments due to the increased airtight residential and office structures.”

He continued, “The average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors, breathing these toxins. brēth is a miniature ecosystem that greatly improves a plant’s ability to remove indoor air pollution. This is the most natural purification mechanism that biology provides us to clean indoor environments.”

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How it works

brēth takes harmful indoor pollutants that you usually find in office items, furniture, paint, and electronics and obliterates them. BusinessWire states that recent testing of the device resulted in the removal of over 70% of formaldehyde that were introduced around the all-natural purifier. Then, the natural wonders happen. The plants convert toxins into organic compounds and it act as the plants’ food and it effectively purify air.

Using the power of photosynthesis and plants’ natural bacteria cleaning processes, brēth uses a fan to capture indoor airflow and give it back to the plants. According to brēth’s Kickstarter page, “The sugars plants produce in photosynthesis assist in this process by breaking down harmful bacteria into useful compounds.”

So basically, brēth will actively look for toxins and carbon dioxide that present in the air around it. After the plants do their magic, those previously harmful air substances become their fertilizer so it’ll grow stronger. And all the plants need are light from the lamp above and water to give you fresh, clean, filtered air.

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brēth is NOW AVAILABLE on @Kickstarter! Only 550 units will be offered for $99 (50% off the original price tag) and after that, prices will only go up! There is not much time left, so act fast and get your brēth planter here: — brēth is one of a kind air purifier that runs on nature that takes toxins in the air that becomes plant food for the three plants within the unit, and converts it into purified air for us to breath. This reduces the indoor air pollution that many of us live in and do not realize, which is sometimes 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Essentially, you would be breathing fresh air 24/7/365 with brēth! — Product Video: Get your brēth planter now! — Follow us on social media: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: . . . . . . . . . . #gobreth #kickstarterlaunch #airpurifier #innovation #greentechnology #greenwall #climatechange #designedbynature #science #startup #sustainability #inspiredbyplants #indoorairquality #indoorairpollution #breatheinbreatheout #plants #freshair #botany #ventilation #business #horticulture #ecosystem #igdaily #instagramhub #instagood

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Should you worry about taking care of plants, or have had traumatic experiences with them, don’t worry. Ray Greenstreet, co-founder of brēth, said, “brēth doesn’t require a green thumb – in fact, these plants are hard to kill,”

“We recognize that the demands of life and work often leave little time to think about plant maintenance, which is why we designed brēth to only require watering every 10 days and minimal trimming. The worry-free, foolproof technology takes care of the rest.”

This device has sensors that allows you get a notification (via a paired smartphone application) about brēth’s water levels. There’s also an external light indicator on the side, so plant newbies won’t have to worry about their plants’ welfare. If you want to know about how effective your brēth is, you can also see the reports through the app.

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Another partnership

This device is a result of a venture and partnership, but brēth is also working together with Bonobo Conservation Institute (BCI). The institute has a mission to protect endangered bonobos (smaller version of chimpanzees for those of you who don’t know) and conserve their natural habitat.

5% of the total sales of brēth’s Kickstarter campaign will be donated to support rainforest conservation and the creation of the Bonobo Peace Forest in the Congo Basin.

President and founder of BCI said, “The brēth concept and technology are brilliant! This is a marvelous opportunity to create a healthier environment for yourself and for the world—and to help save humankind’s closest relative, the bonobo,”

“By having a mini rainforest in your home or office, you can help protect the real rainforest in the Congo, which sequesters billions of tons of carbon and produces oxygen the whole world needs to survive.”

If you’re considering to change your now purifier to this all-natural purifier (which probably is a good thing to do), you have to be quick since there are only limited units for this discounted price. You’re doing yourself and the environment a favor, and you can contribute to saving precious bonobos!

What do you think of brēth? Do you think that this is a great natural, eco-friendly alternative or are the commercial air purifiers still doing a great job? Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below. Make sure to click this article to know more about green technology!



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